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Makeup is supposed to improve our appearance and boost our self-confidence. It is designed to enhance our most flattering feature and make us look better. But when applied incorrectly, it results in an artificial, unnatural look.

Here are the eight most common makeup mistakes that you should avoid at all cost.

  1. Over-washing the face. Doing this will dry out your skin. And dry skin means that when you apply your foundation it will make your face look dull, old, and tired. Make sure that your skin is properly moisturized.
  2. Too much concealer. We get it, you have to hide those dark circles and those blemishes. But putting in too much concealer will only highlight your wrinkles and make you look older than your years.
  3. Puling the eye back when making the wing. This could result in horribly uneven lines, but what’s worse, it can break down the sensitive skin and elasticity around your eyes resulting to more wrinkles and eye bags. You can use post-its or even a spoon to help your draw that perfect wing.
  4. Heavily drawn-in brows. Makeup is not perfect if the brows are not drawn in properly. But to heavy lines will make it look cartoonish. Light feather-like strokes will blend in better and give you more natural-looking brows.
  5. Too much mascara on the lower lashes. Mascara accentuates your eyes and makes it more expressive. But a heavy hand when applying the mascara, especially on the lower lashes will call attention to the wrinkles and eye-bags.
  6. Too many contouring products. Yes, Kim and Kylie are masters of contour and use one million and one products to beautifully highlight and define their face. But unless your contouring skills are at par with them, it’s best to take it easy. Too many products can result in unnatural streaks. Remember, less is more.
  7. Too much shimmer and glitter. Unless your goal is to look like Edward Cullen under the sun, go easy on glitters and shimmers. You can apply shimmer in your inner eye area, but use matte for the rest.
  8. Wrong lip color shade. Your lipstick can make or break your entire look. Don’t limit yourself to a single shade or hue, but when choosing a lipstick, remember these guidelines: Dark-colored lipstick make the lips look thinner, so if you have narrow lips and you want to make them appear fuller, skip the dark shades and use lighter, more natural shades. And if you choose a dramatic shade for your lips, the rest of your makeup should be light, neutral colors to avoid looking overdone.