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If you are into makeup, then you know all about Contouring.  And if you are into RuPaul’s Drag Race like I am, then you DEFINITELY have seen Contouring to the max!!  Well with every season comes trends.  And the trend for the moment is Strobing, which is the new Contouring.  In actuality, it’s the anti-contour.  It’ is really about highlighting your best features, not making things disappear which is what contouring is for.  It is a technique in makeup that’s actually pretty cool!  So check out what to do to get this look going for you.

  • Use moisturizer that is a bit dewy and gives you a glow.  Nothing that will make you look extra oily or greasy, just to give some illumination and well-hydrated/supple skin.
  • Next you will use your intend moisturizer or foundation to even your skin tone.  Don’t use anything that is too flat or powder unless you are like me, and your face springs oil five minutes after you cleanse your skin.
  • For the products for strobing, use a cream, liquid or powder highlighter in glitter or shimmer that is a highlighted illuminating product.
  • If you have dark skin, choose makeup product with bronzy gold hues.  For medium skin, rose or dusty pink will suit you well.  Pale skin will want to use products that are pale in color like champagne or pale pinks.
  • Use a fluffy makeup brush or your fingers (if you choose) to add highlighter above your cheekbones, above the apple of the cheeks, and along the temples.  If you want a little pop near the eyes, you can apply under the brow or at the inner corner of the eyelid.
  • With strobing, remember to use a bit, not a lot  Less is always more.  You can play around for spring and summer, or special events and apply a little to the decollate and shoulders.
  • Applying over blush will eliminate you looking washed out.

Strobing is beautiful in natural light and in studio lights, so strobe to your heart’s content, and be sure to take a lot of selfies.  It will warm your heart as well to see those accentuated areas glow.  So, I ask again, are you strobing?

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