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Are you worried about your makeup and beauty collection and their total cost? Are you always looking out for the cheapest brands on the market that will achieve the perfect look you’ve always wanted? You don’t have to worry anymore.

There is now a company that produces unlabeled beauty products which are all sold for just $3. The company is called Brandless and its belief is that the better products should not be just for the people who can afford them. The company has even banned over 400 regular ingredients found in other products that can cause harm to the people and environment.

Their strategy of selling directly to the costumers allows the company to sell their products at such low price. Their aim is to build direct communication and strong relationship with the customer that is why they directly ship their orders to the buyers.

Imagine buying whole essentials for your makeup for less than $30. Below are some of the products worth buying from Brandless.

  • Green Tea & Aloe Moisturizing Shampoo

This moisturizing shampoo eliminates dirt while still protecting the natural oil of the hair. It has been designed to suit many kinds of hair.

  • Green Tea & Aloe Moisturizing Conditioner

The conditioner made from aloe and green tea locks the natural moisture of the hair and further adds shine and softness.

  • Green Tea & Aloe Body Wash

The company’s body wash cleanses the body without harming the body like the other moisture-stripping soaps. It is a very easy addition to a relaxing shower.

  • Green Tea & Aloe Body Lotion

The Brandless Green Tea & Aloe body lotion provides smooth and soft skin even through winter and fall.


  • Green Tea & Aloe Shave Gel

This shaving gel gives the calming smell of aloe vera while providing a thick and hydrating shaving cream.

  • Grapefruit Facial Cleanser

This all-purpose cleanser washes of make-up, dirt, and sweat gently and gives the smell of grapefruit.