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Growing up, I always heard the phrase “I have to get my beauty sleep”, and I was thinking, is there another type of sleep than what I am already doing? As an adult, working in this business I have found there have been some nights where I only got a few hours of sleep, and somehow found the wherewithal to function throughout the next day and work with clients on a full schedule. As I learn more about my health, and how important sleep is, I am learning that beauty sleep does equal a healthy individual. Because health is beautiful, and when when doesn’t get enough sleep, it can definitely show on someone’s face. Have you ever had someone say to you “You look tired” or “Are you feeling okay?” and think to yourself “Boy, I must look pretty rough”?

You might get random bouts of sleeping late, or going to bed earlier or later than you usually do, but not so much a consistent schedule of in bed by 9 and awake by 7. I am learning that inconsistency can be as bad as not getting enough sleep. You can be confusing your body when you are going to bed at different times each night. Your body goes through different stages of sleep (Non-REM (rapid eye movement) and REM sleep). If your schedule is inconsistent, your quality of sleep may not be very good and could explain the grogginess you feel in the morning, instead of waking up refreshed and ready to go.

If you want to have a good overall health, it is suggested you have regular bedtime schedule so your body can go through all the sleep cycles. This will assist you in waking up at the same time each day. So to begin, let’s give you some tips on how you can get this started.

*Set a bedtime alarm – Yes, you are probably used to setting an alarm to wake yourself up in the morning (and probably hitting that snooze button a few times). But let’s set an alarm which will signal when it is time for you to go to bed. I recommend setting it to go off about 30 minutes before you hit the sheets, so you can prepare yourself to to go bed, and unwind.

*Set the mood – Turn off your lights, computers, ipads, phones, and anything that would tend to be a distraction. Seeing less light will help your body to naturally become sleepy. Spritz your bed linen with a lavender essential oil spray, which will naturally help you to relax as well. You can also wear a sleep mask to block out any distractions, and if you are wearing eyelash extensions, be sure to wear the type that have a space between the mask and your eyes so your lashes will have room to stand ; ) If you are into zen music, a relaxing CD or meditation music may help you to zone out as well.

So, sleeping is not just for beauty, but being healthy is beautiful. Sleep is essential to our health, and functioning better everyday will be a plus as you begin patterns to make this a habit.

At Carolina Eye Candy, we always provide a comfortable environment, and it is not uncommon for our beauty guests to take a nap while we are perfecting their eyelashes. It is an honor, and we don’t charge for naps smile

Beauty & Blessings,

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