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We all want our hair to be perfect, and picture-ready. But from shampoo, and all the treatments needed to keep our hair in their best form, these take a big chunk out of our budget. Is it possible to look as put-together as our favorite stars and yet spend just a fraction of what they do for maintenance? It turns out it is possible. Here are some of the best hair care hacks from the top Hollywood stylists:

  1. Don’t use shampoo every day. We all want our hair to be clean and smelling fresh. But did you know that shampoos have chemicals that strips away the oil from your hair? That’s how it cleans the hair from all that dirt and grease, but unfortunately it also strips the hair from its natural oils. Shampooing the hair daily can leave you with dry, brittle hair. The solution? You can use dry shampoo on some days, and you can keep the hair in a chic bun or low ponytail.
  2. Blow out the dry shampoo. Speaking of dry shampoo, when we use the product we tend to apply it on the roots then leave it. It turns out, you have to blow it out so that the dirt and oil don’t accumulate in your scalp and cause problems later.
  3. Rinse with cold water. A hot shower may sound relaxing, but it turns out, if you want your hair to have that extra shine, you need to use cold water on your final rinse.
  4. Don’t comb wet hair. Wet hair is brittle and more prone to breakage. If you must untangle your hair when it’s wet, use your fingers instead of a comb or brush to minimize the damage.
  5. Avoid tight ponytails. A sleek ponytail or up-do may look good on you, but avoid styling your hair this way if you can. Keeping your hair in a ponytail too often could pull out the hair from the roots and over time could cause thinning hair and give you bald spots.

Use hair masks pre-workout. As incredible as it may seem, the best time to use the hair mask is just before working out. The hair mas will protect the hair from salt in your sweat and keeps it from drying out. Once you’re done with your workout, just rinse and dry your hair and voila! You’re ready to hit the town.