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So are you a social media trender? If you are, then you know what the hashtag #tbt means.  If you are not, then that means “throwback thursday”.  It is what people use when posting past photos of themselves or some event from years ago and walk others down their memory lanes on Facebook, Instagram, etc.  If you are waxing sentimental, then you may also have looked at some past photos of yourself and see less lines on your face, or less weight on your body, less gray hairs, etc.

Do me a favor, reminisce on old times and fond memories, but do not regret your looks of today!  Continue to take care of yourself and be your best you NOW.  Here are a few tips in this article by Bobbi Brown to help you on your journey of looking and feeling your best exactly where you are now in life, and do not fret the past.  It is just that. . . THE PAST!