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Sleeping is essential to renewing our beauty daily

It’s a constant battle some of us have, obtaining a restful night of sleep.  Better Sleep for a better you is extremely important, as our bodies repair themselves at rest. Our skin cells renew and turn over at a higher rate when we are asleep, which reduces wrinkles (but not if your cramming your face in the pillow, but that is a subject for another day and time beauties).

Did you know your lack of sleep could be due to your surroundings?  Try cleaning these areas in your room for better sleep for a better you.

BETTER SLEEP FOR A BETTER YOU: 1) Your Bed – All your bed linen should be washed weekly.  Pillow covers should be changed nightly for clear skin.  So you should have lots of extra pillow cases and a few sets of bed linens, primarily the fitted and flat sheets. If you are experiencing breakouts, check out how often you change your pillow cases.  Vacuum your mattress before putting your sheets back on.  Another tip is to spritz your freshly cleaned linen with lavendar essential oil spray, which is really calming.  Don’t forget to dust the areas behind your headboard and your bed frame with a dusting tool.

BETTER SLEEP FOR A BETTER YOU: 2) Your Ceiling Fan – This can be something we forget about, but dust from the ceiling fan spreads dust around, which can contribute to allergies.  Allergies are a contention point for many, which can cause restlessness.  Use an old pillow case to slide over each side to remove any dust and allow it settle before removing the pillowcase.

BETTER SLEEP FOR A BETTER YOU: 3) Baseboards/Floors – Dust, no matter how clean your home is, is an everyday issue.  We live in a world filled with dust and allergens.  Use a damp cloth to run along your baseboards.  Also vacuum your carpets weekly (or every other day if you have pets), or swiffer your floors daily if you have wood or tiled floors.

These tips should help you obtain better sleep for a better you.

Beauty & Blessings,

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P.S.  Our treatment tables are amazing for resting.  I’ve made it my goal to have your beauty service as relaxing as possible.  Schedule your time for a beauty service, naps are always free ; )

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