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As Eyelash Extensions become more popular, it is becoming of increasing importance to me to educate on the care for eyelashes and the extensions that are applied. When one decides to step into the arena of becoming an eyelash extensions client, your care of your eyelashes becomes just that more important.

Whether you are an au naturale woman, or a cover girl, cleaning your eyes and lashes is extremely important. Whenever a client comes in for a lash service, the first thing that is done with our company is cleansing and conditioning of the natural lashes. We must start with a clean base. We always recommend the products we use for at home care, as we can vouch for the ingredients in the products used.

Wearing makeup is fine, but make sure to use the proper products to clean your extensions and lashes to remove the eye makeup. A 100{7504d3652df74bbcc5142a316402d3e976a3ccd1490953aa99279a35d5c7dcac} oil free eye makeup remover is essential. Oils will dissolve the adhesive, thereby causing the extensions to fall off the natural lashes. Buyer beware with over-the-counter products that claim to be oil free. That does not mean the product is 100{7504d3652df74bbcc5142a316402d3e976a3ccd1490953aa99279a35d5c7dcac} oil free. If a product has less than a certain percentage of an ingredient, it does not have to be listed in the ingredients.

The extensions are adhered to the lashes, and so they should be growing out with the natural lashes and shedding at its appointed time in the lash growth cycle. Waterproof mascara is a no-no! It is so hard to remove, and most often requires an oily eye makeup remover to properly cleanse, and this is contraindicated with eyelash extensions.

When applying eyeshadow, an eyeshadow primer for the lids is recommended to keep the makeup from creasing on the lids, and dropping onto the eyelashes. Use your brush and pack the shadow on by tapping, as opposed to using strokes which causes the eyeshadow to drop and crumble onto the lashes.

To sum it all up, take extra care with your lashes and clean them properly everyday. It is your investment. Why drive a Mercedes if you won’t keep it clean? ; )