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We all know that having a pimple or pimples can be really annoying. Pimples can also cause low self-esteem to individual and these can be really frustrating. Good thing they can only stay for a few days, maximum of seven days. However, what’s more disheartening is when that acne eventually disappeared only to leave acne marks behind. Those acne marks can last for weeks even months. You can cover it up, but it can get tiring eventually. All you just want to do is get rid of them completely and have a blemish-free face.

Good thing experts have suggest the recommendations below on how to completely remove pimple marks.

Types of Pimple Marks

  1. The very small ones that are the easiest to clear are the flat and black scars.
  2. The ones that became white head which can go deeper into the skin. These can leave a chicken-pox like pimple scars also called box car, ice pick and rolling scars.
  3. The very deep, cystic pimple or keloid scars which can leave raised and brown marks

Removing marks by medical treatments

Spot treatments are creams with lightening agents such as kojic acid and azelaic acid. Microdermabrasion can also be done once a month to remove the skin’s top epidermal layers and reduce the intensity of the holes in the process. Soft, gel face peels that have AHA’s like azelaic and lactic acid can also remove marks.

Removing scars by Home Remedies

The best way is to scrub two to three times a week to make the skin brighter. Avoid scrubbing over active acne to prevent the spread of bacteria and more breakouts. Whip into a paste a mixture of turmeric powder, gram flour (besan), lime juice, water and milk. This is one of the best recommended home remedies. You can apply it to your whole face for 30 minutes before washing off. The milk’s lactic acid and the lime juice exfoliates and brighten, the turmeric protects from persisting acne at lastly, the besan acts as an exfoliating agent. Basic tomato pulp reduces excess oils and further brightens dullness as a result from prolonged pimples and breakouts.