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So you may have noticed that men’s faces seem to not have issues where needing fillers and botox is concerned as much as women do.  One of those reasons is because facial hair that men are more prone to having (terminal hairs, not vellous hairs which are the fine hairs of the face) tends to give the skin a fatty layer of tissue underlying the skin, which keeps the skin tighter with more collagen and elastin fibers.  This in turn makes the skin 20-30{7504d3652df74bbcc5142a316402d3e976a3ccd1490953aa99279a35d5c7dcac} tighter and prevents wrinkling.  Also, the additional hair follicles lubricates the skin because the skin will product more oil for the hair follicles.  Oilier skin is more moisturized, and moisture is key in warding off fine lines and wrinkles.  So ladies and gentlemen, let’s do our part to take these facts into consideration and taking proper care of our skin, whether we have an advantage or disadvantage.

At Carolina Eye Candy in either Charleston, Summerville or Columbia, we know how important it is to take daily care of your skin to promote the health of your largest organ.  So we encourage you to keep it cute, but keep it clean.  We offer a few different facial treatments, (such as our Natural Beauty Facial and Smooth Skin Dermaplane) and can recommend products to use on a daily basis.  We also have great relationships with other professionals that offer higher grade skincare services such as chemical peels, botox and fillers.  Give us a call if you have any questions.