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Your accessory can make or break your outfit. Whether you’re going out for a casual lunch with your friends or attending a ball, it is important that you know how to accessorize. Too bold and it will compete with your outfit for attention. Too understated and your outfit will look flat and boring.

We’re giving you 5 tips in choosing the right accessory so you can get that perfect look.

  1. Color.The accessories should complement the color of your dress. Neutral colored dresses like white, gray or tan should be paired with bright-colored accessories to liven up the look. Brightly colored dresses on the other hand, look good with neutral accessories. Silver and gold are a good choice for this. If you are wearing a brightly patterned dress, do not use accessories with a lot of bling. Pair the dress with accessories that have solid, muted colors.
  2. Cut. The cut of your dress also determines what accessories are best worn with it. A strapless dress is practically begging for a pair of large, attention-grabbing earrings. A crew-neck on the other hand, looks good with layered necklace. If you’re wearing a Grecian-inspired one shoulder dress, a bold cuff will look great with the outfit. If you’re wearing a halter dress, that bare arm will look great if you wear layered bracelets to pick up the look.
  3. Match the color of your bag and shoes. They do not have to be the exact same color, but they should complement each other and the outfit. One thing you should remember though, if your shoes are brightly colored – opt for a more muted color for your bag.
  4. Do not over accessorize. If you are wearing large, bold pieces of jewelry, do not wear the entire set as they can be overwhelming and completely drown out your dress. If the earrings are large and attention grabbing, don’t wear the necklace even though they’re a set. If the set comes with a ring or a bracelet, you can wear that instead.
  5. Make sure your accessories match the dress and the occasion. If you’re going to meet a few friend at a bar, don’t take out the big guns and wear your diamond earrings or your emerald set. Accordingly, if you’re going to a fancy dress ball do not wear a wristwatch with your gown. Do not accessorize the gown with plastic, chunky pieces as well. Understated jewelry in gold or silver, as well as diamond and pearls look best for formal events.