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Our brows have come a long way. The 90’s have seen us wearing thin, penciled-in brows. This, thankfully made way for the more natural-looking brows. In 2012, strong and powerful looking brows were in as celebrities like Cara Delevigne made their way to the front page of fashion magazines. 2015 saw a dramatic rise in popularity of social media influencers.

During the same year, Youtube videos of makeup tutorials and Instagram photos of influences in various creative poses became more popular. With this came contouring. One of the highlights of contouring is the Instagram brow. These are perfectly arched, defined brows that almost always requires the heavy use of cosmetics. Since it became popular, anyone who is anyone has been rocking this look. Whether it’s for a red carpet event, or just an evening out with friends the brows have to be perfect.

For those who spend an hour or more to putting on makeup, or struggle to get the brows “just right” I have good news for you. Makeup artists say that this look is on its way out. Pretty soon these overdone brows will be passé and guess what they predict will be taking its place? They see an increasing popularity of more natural-looking brows. Messy brows, bedhead brows, you name it. It’s on its way in.

Natural brows are predicted to be the next big thing in makeup. It uses less cosmetics and requires considerably less prep time and maintenance. It’s a yes for me.

While we’re at it, let’s see the other eyebrow trends that did not quite make the cut:

  • Eyebrow braids. This involved hair extensions and a very complicated process of creating teeny, tiny brow braids. It’s complicated, time-consuming and the result is not exactly an overall look that would appeal to most people.
  • Wavy brows. More suited to drawings and cartoons, this involved concealing your natural brows and drawing wavy lines instead of arches. Not as complicated as the eyebrow braids, but not a practical look, either.
  • Boxed brows. Somebody decided to shave the brows into small box-like sections. Very easy create, but not a look that everyone would like.
  • Feathered brows. The brows are divided lengthwise into two sections and combed away from the center, imitating a feather. It did not take, and nobody notable had worn this look in the red carpet.
  • Rainbow brows. The brows are dyed different vibrant colors. If you like rainbows and unicorn, you will probably like this one.