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The skin around our eyes is more delicate and sensitive than the skin on the rest of our face. Different products should be used in our eyes other than the ones we used on our faces because our eyes deserve a more special treatment than the rest. That is why there are also eye creams now available in the makeup industry.

But what are eye creams for? Why do we need it?

The skins in our body are not created equally and have their own functions. For example, the skin on our face is not the same as the skin around our eyes. Around our eyes, the skin is thinner. It is more sensitive because of all the minuscule muscles that are used for our eyes. It is probe to a lot of issues ranging from wrinkles, fine lines puffiness and discoloration. There are also few oil glands around our eyes that help in keeping the skin hydrated naturally. To help fight and prevent these concerns, the right cream must be used.

Used for Dark Circles

                Stress, heredity, sun exposure, smoking, shadows, and pigmentation are various factors that could contribute in the discoloration around the eyes. To help prevent skin discoloration, licorice, kojic acid and Vitamin C and K are used. Peptides could also be used in plumping up the skin thus getting rid of the shadows. Light-reflecting ingredients can also give the eyes that instant brightening effect.

Used for Puffiness

                Fluid can build up in the tissues around our eyes. This may be a result of sinuses or allergies but most often are results from diet, alcohol, and sleep deprivation or just from aging. Cooling cucumber or caffeine are the ingredients that must be looked for because they reduce the swelling in the eyes.

Used for Fine Lines

Our eyes show signs of aging faster than the rest of our face because of the constant muscle actions like blinking and smiling. Collagen-building ingredients like retinol could help to smooth our fine lines.

Tips for Using Eye Creams

  • Keep it cool inside the refrigerator to help tired eyes and puffiness.
  • Fragrance-free eye creams are best for the sensitive skin around the eyes.
  • Eye cream applied under the makeup helps in the smooth application of concealers and may also prevent fine lines.