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With lives almost going back to normal (I hope), it’s time to start taking extra care of our appearance now. When you work from home during the pandemic, chances are wearing makeup was the least of your priorities.

Here are five makeup trends to give you the ultimate glam:

  1. Sun-kissed glow. Nothing screams “summer” than sun-kissed skin; apply a tinted cream highlighter on your face instead of a powder and invest in a good bronzer. Wear the bronzer on your cheekbones, neck, and collarbones.  
  2. Brushed-up brows. Brushed-up brows will enhance your arches and open up your eyes. Brush your brows with a brow gel. You can either use a tinted or clear brow gel for the look.
  3. Flushed cheeks. Flushed cheeks are a thing all year round. You can display your healthy skin by using highlighters and plenty of blush for flushed cheeks. Use a rosy-colored cream blush on the apples of your cheeks and up and out towards your cheekbones. 
  4. Bold and playful lips. Put your browns and nude lippies aside and bring out your vibrant coral and pastel hues. Bloody reds, bright pink, and vibrant colors are what’s in this season. 

Pro tip: Exfoliate your lips with a sugar scrub or damp washcloth before applying your lippy for a smooth finish.

  1.   Falsies. Summer makeup is all about natural beauty, and falsies are a perfect way of enhancing your eyes. Visit the Carolina Eye Candy near you for that summer-ready lashes! 

There are a few more beauty tips on my YouTube Channel

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