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As another Valentine’s Day approaches, it reminds us all of love. In the spirit of love, it has me thinking of my love for lashes and my clients who love their lashes. We have clients that come in all the time and constantly say that they cannot see themselves going on without their lashes! It makes such a huge difference, from creating a mini eye lift in some women, to minimizing their morning ritual of not having to fuss with mascara. Some clients love their lashes long, some love them with colored highlights, and it is a beautiful sight to behold when the sunlight reflects off the colored accents ; )

If you are thinking of a great Valentine’s Day gift for your sweetie, or even for yourself, why not give the gift of beauty? Your sweetheart will always be grateful, and we will be happy to provide this service. I can’t wait until Friday, I have an appointment with my fellow Esthetician at Carolina Eye Candy to get my lash extensions filled in. Yay!!!