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If you follow Hollywood starlets, you may notice some and wonder ‘just how old is she?’ and are baffled by the answers!  Yes, some lie about their ages (ha ha!) but most are proud of their longevity in the industry and how much they have achieved in the years they have been blessed to do it.


So we have Gabrielle Union, who has been in many movies like “Think Like a Man”, “Deliver Us From Eva”, and “Two Can Play That Game”, just to name a few.  This actress who got her breakthrough shot as a star in the movie “Bring it On” 15 years ago is 42 years young and is absolutely stunning and she attests to her secrets.  She found that in her mid thirties, drinking a gallon of water each day has made a huge difference in the health of her skin, nails and hair (and even her teeth, which is why she is the face of Phillips Sonicare dental care products).

I know it sounds like a LOT of water, (and I believe it is as well), but she recommends drinking at least half of the gallon by noon, and drinking the rest of the water throughout the day through 6pm.  Most habits take at least three weeks or 21 days to become a lifestyle routine, so I am about to go and hydrate right now! ; )  I have some anti-aging to do!

Be Beautiful, Be Bold, Be You!