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So, are you old enough to remember the days of pencil thin brows?  Well, forget those days, they are far behind us.  Full Brows are in and beautiful!!!  Full brows are about a half a decade now into being IN.  Sadly, many have over-plucked and over-waxed over the years and have not been able to get those brows back to the fullness they had before.  Thin brows can take away from the frame of your face and add years to your face frame.  Who wants to look older than they are? (Unless you are under 21 wanting to get into the hottest club or bar, LOL!)


So if you are on the thin side of the equation, here are some tips for you.  There are now eyebrow procedures similar to eyelash extensions.  Eyebrow extensions may be the answer for some, but of course this is a service that will have to be continually done.  Unlike eyelash extensions, the hairs would be attached to the skin, which can cause for faster shedding due to the person’s skin not being able to hold the adhesive for longer than two weeks.  Some products on the market can help to stimulate eyebrow hair growth.  Be aware, that eyebrow hairs are some of the slowest growing hairs on the human body, so this requires patience.  Carolina Eye Candy, LLC is pleased to offer Billion Dollar Brows Brow Boost, which has seen great results.  And at a price point of $29, it is a worthy investment.  There are some eyelash growth enhancers that may be used on the brow area as well, but with a higher price point, unless one is using it for their eyelashes as well, it may not be a choice that someone may consider.  Also you must be careful about the possibility of cross-contamination.

While growing in your brow hairs, you must calm the urge to pluck those new strays as they grow in.  This is necessary to see your brows grow to their full potential.  In the mean time and in between time, you may also use specially made brow powders and gels to fill in your brows.  If you are not sure how to do this, consult a beauty professional that can assist you with this service.  There is an art to this so that you do not look like you have drawn on eyebrows.  We are pleased to offer full service brows at Carolina Eye Candy, and we can assure you your eyebrows will not leave disappointed or drawn on.

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