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0_0_0_0_250_176_csupload_64652876_largeFirst, the most popular of the applications for hair removal is waxing. We primarily use hard wax, or stripless wax, to remove unwanted hairs because the wax is more gentle than soft wax, or wax used with strips to remove the wax and hairs. Soft wax also exfoliates the skin, which in turn can cause red skin or irritation. Hard wax encapsulates, or shrink wraps the hairs, and when the wax is cooled it removes the hairs. This helps to cut down on any irritation.

Threading is another application for hair removal. This method uses cotton thread, which is wrapped and pulls the hairs out of the roots. If you can picture a cowboy with a lasso to capture his prey (or the bad guy), then you can picture threading. The thread is used like a lasso to capture those pesky hairs!


Whether it is shaping your eyebrows, making your lip areas less fuzzy, or you may have a few sprouts on your chinny-chin chin, we can assist you with those pesky hairs by waxing or threading.

Call to schedule your appointment or schedule online and receive $5 off any waxing or threading service this month. We also offer full facial waxing or full facial threading, which includes all the areas above, and also all around cheeks and forehead if you have a lot of fuzzy hairs that seem to bother your smooth makeup applications! This special ends June 30th, so call today!