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Keeping your skin flawless won’t make you happy, but being happy will make your skin flawless. It makes sense, right? Let’s break it down and find out why happiness is your best skin-care routine.

Have you noticed that you keep buying beauty product after beauty product but achieving little to no results after use? Instead of doing its supposed job and make you into whichever promise they’d make you into, it just keeps you frustrated to fall short of your expectations.

The whole process of trying to achieve that perfect glowing skin, ironically, just stresses you out. And what does stress have to offer? When you’re stressed out or anxious, your body produces chemicals that trigger various skin problems such as acne, eczema, hives, rosacea, psoriasis, alopecia (hair loss), or vitiligo.

Acne, for example, could just be the cause of being tense; stress hormones are produced, including corsitol, and the level of the skin’s oil production dramatically increases, thus prone to pimples and zits. Not a pretty picture, no?

This study of the mind-skin connection is called psychodermatology, and they’ve made efforts of proving how skin diseases came upon and how they could be treated. And the answer may surprise you.

What if we told you that you could have great skin health by not having to buy another beauty product? What if you could solve your skin problems and save money in the process?

As a replacement for your routine application of beauty and skin care products, you could start exercising, eating healthy, and having enough sleep, which are natural sources of happy hormones.

By just living healthy and doing what you enjoy doing, you could achieve a sound body that works smoothly. The natural glow and beauty of every part of your body would gradually follow. And who knew? The right skin-care routine isn’t endlessly purchasing beauty products. It’s simply being happy.