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How do you pick the perfect pair of shoes? With all the shoes available in the market, picking the perfect pair should be easy. But what should you consider, when picking the perfect pair of shoes?

Here are foolproof tips in choosing the right shoes.

  1. You should choose shoes that fit you properly. This should be a no brainer, right? But there are still a lot of women, or even men who buy shoes that do not fit properly. To ensure that the shoes fit, here are some tips
  • Buy shoes in the afternoon. You might not know it, but your feet expand with use during the day. That’s the reason why if you’re on your feet the whole day, shoes that fit perfectly in the morning might pinch your toes in the afternoon.
  • Fit both shoes before buying. One foot might be larger than the other, so you have to try on the pair before committing to a purchase. Always buy the size that fits the larger foot.
  • To check if they fit right, use your index finger and slide it between the shoe heel and your heel. You should be able to slide it easily. If you cannot do it, then the shoes are too small. If there’s a wide gap between the shoe heel and your heel, then it’s too large.
  • Check your size from time to time. It’s normal for our feet to get bigger and wider as we age. Check your size, because you might be buying for a size seven when you’re already a seven and a half.
  1. Unless you are planning to use the shoes purely for taking pictures, you should choose a pair that’s comfortable to walk around on. “My feet are killing me” is not a popular phrase for nothing, so make sure you choose the right shoes.
  • Walk around the room, wiggle your toes and see if your feet are comfortable. Walk up and down the steps, if possible to check how they feel.
  • Feel inside the shoes if there are tags or seams that might chafe your feet and give you blisters. Don’t think that they just needs to be broken in. They should be comfortable from the start.
  1. Choose a style that is appropriate for the shape of your feet. Box and pointed toe shoes all look very good, but if you have wide, flat feet it is best to choose shoes that have round, wide toes. This gives your feet a little breathing room, and you will be grateful for it after a long day on your feet.