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Wearing of lipstick can drastically change the appearance of a person. It can enhance the overall appearance of the person wearing it. Lippies come in different shades and kinds. There are matte, satin and more.

But do you know the proper way to wearing dark lipstick? Do you know the exact shade of dark lippie applicable for your skin tone? How do you go about wearing dark shade lipstick?

SJ Froom, bareMineral’s International Makeup Artist, said it’s all about preparation. Preparing your lips for darker shade will result in better lipstick finish.

Here are her tips:

  1. Keep lips in top condition by lightly brushing lips with a toothbrush once a week. Brushing lips will exfoliate the skin making it smoother for lipstick and gloss.
  2. Use foundation to neutralize natural lip color and get the exact shade of the lipstick on the lips.
  3. Use lip liner to define the shape of your lips. No need to line the full lips. Just the curve of the top and lower lip. Use cotton buds to blend the color to a natural finish.
  4. Use lip brush when applying the lipstick.
  5. Blot the lips using tissue with translucent powder.
  6. Reapply lipstick

When choosing lip colors, beginners should always choose a shade that is lighter than your natural skin tone. Once you are confident of your own lipstick application skill, you can then wear colors that match your exact skin tone.

Wear lipsticks with blue base since it makes your teeth appear whiter.

For ladies with thin lips, add gloss to the center of your lips when wearing dark shade lipstick. For ladies with naturally full lips, matte lipstick is the best kind to use.

Dark lipsticks are best used by fair women as the contrast between the color of the lipstick and the wearer’s skin tone make for a dramatic contrast. Blue based berry tones are best for fair skin women while women with warmer skin tones should go for yellow based tones.


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