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How do you winter-proof your skin? This season is extremely cruel to your skin that’s why you need to double-time in taking care of it.

When you winter-proof your makeup, you are ensuring that your skin stays healthy. The harsh elements of winter are extremely unforgiving to your skin. No matter how you bundle your self with coats and scarves, your skin will still have the tendency to get dry or flaky.

Here are tips to help you winter-proof your makeup (and more importantly, your skin):

  • Start your skin preparation at night

Moisturizing your skin is like oiling your car. Foundation blends better on your face when it is properly moisturized. Use moisturizers that provides intense hydration.

  • Use gentle facial wash

When cleaning your skin, only use gentle facial wash. Facial wash can remove dirt and makeup better than soap. Use facial wash with ingredients like avocado and coconut oil.

  • Moisturize

You can never  “over” moisturize your face. Moisturize your face before going to sleep. Then moisturize before putting on your makeup. For oily skin, use moisturizers that can minimize pores. For combination or dry skin, use moisturizers that repairs skin.

Moisturizers must be absorbed fully before applying makeup.

  • Use primers

Primers are really not necessary if the first three steps are followed. Primers can be used with lotion for that glorious glow.

  • Use lightweight coverage

Change of season could also mean skin break outs. Unless, you have already tried and tested the makeup, opt for light coverage for easy blending with other makeup.

  • Moisturize your lips too

Your lips get dry too. That’s why you need to exfoliate it too to get rid of dry skin. Use lipsticks with moisturizers to give your mouth a healthy look. Matte lipsticks are great but they dry up the lips so fast so when you need to do a retouch, only use tinted lip balm.

  • Avoid getting overboard with other makeup

You don’t need full on makeup during winter. You just need bronzer or blush. When wearing mascara, only use waterproof ones. Go easy on your eye shadow too.

  • Use hydrating spray

For that flawless finish, use a hydrating setting spray so that makeup looks fresh all day.