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Zinc or the chemical symbol Zn is just more than atomic number 30. It is an essential trace element. It means it is very important for plants and animals. In the US, recommended daily allowance for zinc is 11 mg for men and 8 mg for women.

The Importance of Zinc:

  1. Zinc deficiency in kids can result in increased risks for infections and growth impediments
  2. It is very important in having a good immune system
  3. It promoted healthy growth
  4. It aids in healing wounds faster
  5. It synthesizes DNA correctly
  6. It regulates immune function by activating the T-cells (T-lymphocytes) which is important in regulating and controlling immune responses and attacking cancerous or infected cells
  7. Zinc supplements can reduce diarrhea
  8. It regulates neurons to communicate with one another for better learning
  9. study found that zinc lozenges reduce the duration of common colds by 40{7504d3652df74bbcc5142a316402d3e976a3ccd1490953aa99279a35d5c7dcac}
  10. It decreases the risk of chronic diseases
  11. It prevents vision loss and AMD ( age-related macular degeneration)
  12. It is also effective in the treatment of pneumonia, osteoporosis, ADHD and even acne.

Zinc and Chronic Acne:


Lower level of zinc in the body may often lead to inflammatory diseases like acne. Why? Because zinc rejuvenates and heals the skin. It minimizes the formation of dangerous free radicals. It acts as protection from ultraviolet rays, pollution and other skin agers. Zinc also aids in apoptosis or programmed cell death which is needed in skin renewal.

Zinc deficiency causes skin cells to stick together which buildups oil , bacteria and other harmful elements that can damage and irritate the skin.

Sources of Zinc


Aside from supplements, you can get your daily recommended dosage of zinc from food like meats, crabs, oysters and lobsters. For non-meat lovers, you may get your dosage from fortified cereals, yogurts, lentils, beans, and cheese. Increase zinc absorption by adding fermented food to your plant-based sources of zinc.