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Fashionistas around the globe need to look forward to bold, bright and beautiful fashion trends for this Spring 2018. Color will be the biggest factor whether it may be pastel or bold. 80’s style will also make its comeback. Tomboys and minimalists will also have many options to choose from since flat shoes and trouser suits will also be in the “in”.

Check out the list below to find out what styles of fashion will trend for the Spring/Summer of 2018:


  1. 1980s Style (For day and night)

Designers have aimed their focus on the 1980s era and now silhouettes will be in place; expect nipped waist, long, lean legs and strong shoulders. There will also be two styles of the era that can be chosen from. There will be casual looks and the delightful OTT evening wear. Simple pair of mom jeans, ankle boots and loose fit top will be enough.

  1. Trench Coats

Trench Coats will always be present in every important runway for its versatility in matching up with almost everything, even a bikini. Trench coats can be deconstructed or styles in something unusual.

  1. Sneakers

Sneakers will be most preferred shoes than heels for this season. The trend will be be stylish with socks and sneakers.


  1. Tailored Suit

One important thing to invent on when it comes to clothes or fashion is a tailored suit. Today, they are a constant feature on fashion shows, which is also why you can find the style common these days. They can be worn either you want to make a statement or be subtle. One thing is for sure for tailored suit. They won’t be dated out.


  1. Pencil Skirt

Pencil skirt will make a comeback and they will now be longer-line and more flattering than the previous years. It is said that pencil skirts will be a big seller for the year 2018. It is also worth keeping for you’ll never know when it will be in style again.