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So, let’s get to the point of this blog post. . .  As an experienced Master Lash Artist, I have seen many lash injustices in my time.  But one that bothers me the most are clumpy spider-like lashes.  It is just not going to add anything pleasing to your face when you have lashes that are clumpy and not uniform in size!  Of course there are times when this may be acceptable; editorial photo shoots, runway shows where the designers are calling for an avant garde-like look.  But for everyday wear, it really only serves to age your face.  There is even a mascara that has been advertised to give you the appearance of clumpy lashes, and it makes me cringe.  If you are paying for a professional service, your eyelashes should not look like you have coated them with several coats of mascara.  They definitely should not look like you have spiders on your eyes.  Eyelash services should look polished, crisp, and uniform in size.  No mascara necessary ; )

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