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Obsession with lashes is something I am not afraid to admit to.  I have been performing this service for many years now, and I didn’t wear them myself until a few years ago.  I finally got the nerve to lie on that treatment table, and undergo the same services I have been performing for many others for years before I got the bravery to do so.  Lashes obsession from that time forward was a given.

Master Lash Artist, and Lash "Obsessed" Elizabeth Jennings

Obsession with lashes for me started with looking at my eyes in the mirror, and seeing how those lashes just gave my eyes a natural lift.  Seeing the curl of those lashes giving way to a little more femininity than I offered on my own accord, and getting the compliments from others on a daily basis was a boost to my little ego (I have to admit to this, it really is.  Who doesn’t like a compliment every now and then?)  So obsession for me was a sure thing seeing all it came along with, in such a beautiful package.

With the rise of social media, and of course the celebrity magazines with their constant “in your face” boasting of lovely eyes and lashes worn by the most recognized ladies.  From Rihanna, to Beyonce, to Kim Kardashian, these ladies have set the mark for what will never be a dying trend. . . Beautiful Lashes!  If the stars have an obvious obsession for lashes, it obviously will trickle down to the masses.

When I began to offer this service years ago, the most requested look to replicate was Kim Kardashian.  While most ladies that requested this look really may not have known that she was wearing two strips of eyelashes in those photos at the time, the thing to note was that women wanted NOTICEABLE LASHES.  That was the point.  Even the most conservative lady may come in with reservations, but after letting their guard down after a while, the obsession came after a few maintenance appointments.  After this, the requests for more fullness were inevitable.

Let’s face it, with the media, you are bound to find stories about horrible experiences people have received at the hands of an inexperienced, or worse, unlicensed practitioner, that performed the service.  But when the research is done, and you have weighed the pros and cons, you have to try it.  I guarantee once you have tried it, lash obsession will be obvious.

In a rushed society, we are always looking for ways to save time in our day, and eyelash extensions have definitely done this for so many!  The obsession to get things done, feel accomplished, and save time definitely has been one of the reasons why beauty guests at Carolina Eye Candy have been coming back for these services.  Who wants to spend time every day coating lashes with mascara, curling lashes, and even more time cleaning mascara only to turn around and do it all the next day?  Waking up with our lashes already done is a huge reason why people have a great obsession with eyelash extensions.

Yes, eyelash extensions are an investment.  Also, your time is the most valuable asset you will ever have.  Making the most out of our time should be our greatest obsession, and cutting down time during our day to make sure our eyes are popping, is a worthy investment, and obsession.   If you’d like to schedule an eyelashes consultation, check out our website and schedule today.  We’d love to give attention to your lash obsession, and fulfill that desire for you!

Beauty & Blessings,

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Licensed Esthetician. Master Lash Artist. Minister of Beauty. Go-to Authority on Eyelash Enhancements and Education in South Carolina. To book a VIP service visit www.CarolinaEyeCandy.com