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Makeup for men? Why not? Much has been said about women’s makeup. In fact, for some ladies out there, makeup is as important as brushing their teeth or taking a shower.

So how about makeup for men? How do you feel about it? What do you think about this latest fad? Truth to be told, makeup for men isn’t anything new. It’s part of the daily regimen for people who are always under the spotlight. These are only usually used during photoshoots or special events when looking pale is a mortal sin.

Adam Lambert is one celebrity/musician that would definitely come to mind when we talk about male makeup. And who would forget this flamboyant eyeliner-wearing American Idol runnerup? Pretty soon cosmetics company launched products featuring the male gender. Case in point, Milk Makeup, which launched a makeup for all line last year, with male models in their ads.

Covergirl followed suit by hiring a 17 year old beauty blogger by the name James Charles to be their first male spokesperson. Not to be outdone, Maybelline hired another social media influencer, Manny Guttierez, for their new mascara. MAC doesn’t want to be not in vogue so they asked LA based beauty vlogger Gabriel Zamora to help them out with their new lipstick launch.

But years before Lambert, we already have the blue eye shadowed David Bowie. Music Industry’s biggest names like Michael Jackson, Prince, George Michael and Boy George also used make up.

Outside the celebrity world, it is expected that more and more males will start wearing makeup aside from the basic skin care necessities. So don’t be surprised when your Significant Other start having interest in the contents of your makeup kit.

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