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The weather is heating up, and it is time to try all the summer makeup looks that you have been saving from Instagram. But, here’s the thing if you choose the wrong products, you may end up with your makeup sliding off your face due to the hot weather.

Aside from moisturizer and sunscreen, here are some makeup tips that you can try to keep your face fresh even where you’re sweating under the summer heat:

Makeup primer. Invest in a great primer. It will only take a few seconds to apply the primer. Primer holds the makeup in place without the feeling of an additional layer of product on your face. 

Go foundation-less. Summer heat will melt your foundation, and it will result in smudges, smears, and of course – sweat. Instead of using a foundation, use a tinted moisturizer or just a concealer to hide shadows and spots. Remember, less is more.

Glow up with a bronzer. Apply bronzer to the high points on your face when the sun hits you, like your forehead, cheeks, and nose. Powder bronzer is easy to apply and less likely to melt in the summer heat.

Use waterproof formulas. You don’t want an eyeliner or mascara blunder midday, so better switch to waterproof products. Sweat as well can smudge your eye makeup, so better use waterproof to avoid such dilemma.

Get rid of the powder blush. Blush gives your skin a healthier look. Powder blush might get cakey faster during the summer, so better use the blush stains instead. Stains also last longer in hot weather, so it saves you time for touch-ups. 

Always finish with a setting spray. So that your makeup will last all day and night, spray on some setting spray to seal in your look. With the summer heat, the last thing you would want to do is to retouch your makeup.

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