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Male exfoliating? It’s not really unheard of. If ladies go gaga in taking good care of their skin, men are expected to do as well. I’m not talking about metrosexuals here. Male exfoliating should be a priority for all men no matter their status, work or preferences.

So what is male exfoliating?

Male exfoliating is the removal of dead skin cells in the face for men. There may be a slight variation in how females take care of their skin compared to men but basically, the same thing or process is involved like:

  1. washing the face with a cleanser for your particular skin type (dry, normal, oily and combination. Yeah guys have skin types too).
  2. using of toner and astringent to close pores.
  3. putting on moisturizer
  4. exfoliating with facials and the like.

Different types of exfoliation products for men

There are different types of male exfoliating and this includes the following:

  1. physical or mechanical- with the aid of scrubs infused with granular elements, brush, and microdermabrasion devices like crystal or diamond
  2. chemical- retinols, enzymes and acids to help stimulate the proper turnover of men’s skin cells to slow down face aging.

Exfoliation is also very important to men prior to shaving their beards. It helps in having a painless shaving experience.

For men who are new to exfoliating you might want to try these steps:

  1. Try a chemical exfoliant but do it only once a week at the beginning and increase the level of frequency depending on your skin type.
  2.  Know your skin type. Sensitive skins must not exfoliate more than 2-3x a week whereas men who frequently shave can use gentle exfoliators every single time before shaving.
  3.  If dryness, irritation or redness occurs, limit your use of exfoliants.
  4. When using physical or mechanical exfoliants, use it gently and in circular motions.
  5. Use scrubs with fine granules when you have sensitive skins.

Still clueless on how to proceed? Bring your girlfriend or best female buddy or your mom (even better) when you buy male exfoliating products for the first time!