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BB and CC creams are commonly heard nowadays. Even when you go shopping for makeup essentials and skin care, the salesperson often talks about these two. Many famous personalities also use and recommend these creams to their fans and followers. But for those who are still new to these words, what do these two creams do and what are their differences?

If you are a person who likes the look of a foundation but not too much, then BB and CC creams are best for you. These products are half moisturizer and half make-up. Their amply pigment can even out the skin tone with giving your face a heavy feel of foundation. They can give a sheer and completely natural look. Though they have been around the market for almost 50 years, it is just recently, five years specifically, that they become a trend and used widely by women.

BB Creams

BB cream is the short term for “beauty balm” or “blemish balm”. These pumped-up moisturizers are tinted and can give skin-perfecting benefits to hydrate, refresh, brighten, even out and smooth the skin for a more flawless and radiant look. They commonly contain sunscreen for skin protection against damaging sun’s rays.

BB creams are created in the 1960s in Germany to help patients who are recovering from laser surgery and treatments. They became famous in South Korea in the midst of 1980s. It quickly became a must-have since trending from the East to West around 2011.

BB Creams containing Nicainamide, glycerine and SPF 15 or above can give the best results.

CC Creams

CC Creams is short for “complexion corrector” or “colour corrector”. They can provide more coverage and anti-ageing benefits than the BB cream. They can also effectively conceal hyperpigmentation and unsightly redness.

To help achieve again the skin’s youth glow, look for the ones which contain Vitamin B, Vitamin E and Niacinamide.

How to Apply BB and CC Creams

For a more natural and sheer coverage, blend evenly with makeup sponge or the fingertips and apply to skin. It can be worn as a daily moisturizer or a layer underneath a foundation.