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We all know that beauty is really important, especially to the department stores which are seeking relevancy with the Millennials. There are also more noticeable repeat visits in the beauty services.

Many companies have already jumped into the bandwagon of beauty box pool. Subscription services are a good match for beauty because it depends on trials. It is better to send samples of the products to the client’s home to her to try than handing her in an actual store.

Additionally, beauty boxes are suited for bloggers since they give them regular monthly contents for their blogs especially now that they can compare beauty boxes from each other. They can share in their blogs their opinions and reviews for each box and recommend which one is better than the others. The people working in the beauty industry especially the manufacturers and companies must keep in mind that bloggers can be very influential and shouldn’t be ignored.

All subscriptions boxes should focus on looking for a tribe that may provide consistent relevancy, supply chain consistency and could solicit and use customer feedback.

Some bloggers who wanted to try Macy’s new subscription already got advance shipments. Unfortunately for most people, they were able to acquire their boxes in August 2017. The box was a hit initially until October. The reviews decidedly start to get bland eventually leaving the bloggers wondering if the service is worth continuing.

Some re-work are recommended to be done to save the product.

  1. Improvements in the unboxing experience

The information card included in the box was well liked by the bloggers, citing that it differentiates Macy’s box to others. The small makeup bags were also liked because of its high quality.

However, there are already many bloggers who are reviewing the products; so it is recommended that Macy rethinks how these products will look good on videos.

  1. Adjustment in the value proposition

They may need to change what the boxes come in. Having the bag every time eventually makes the product become bland. They may either get rid of the bag altogether or focus more on the value of the samples.

  1. Separating the premium and bonus products from other samples

The products should be distinguished differently from each other so that blogger and other consumers will know right away which one is the premium product, the bonus product and the other samples.

  1. Telling a story on how the products go together in one box

The products should relate with each other either by putting the instructions or story in the insert card included in the box.