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The Science Behind Eyebrows is stunning.  I’m sure you have heard that brows are sisters and not twins. I tend to say eyebrows are siblings, and not twins, because not all brows are female, right? It seems that no matter what we do, they do not look the same. Unlike children (or maybe like your children, no judgment here), you may favor one eyebrow over another because it does what you want it to do! But just as it seems that science has an answer for almost everything, eyebrows are no different. According to it (science, that is), there actually is a brow that may be slightly, if not more than a little better than the other.

Because we are so expressive with our faces, muscles gain memory and one brow may be a little more raised or relaxed than another. Yes, even those who have “resting bitch face”, you are actually expressing a look of nonchalance or displeasure, or being unbothered. Cryers and those who are more emotional may tend to have this be a little more noticeable as well. Pressure from sleeping on one side more than another can also cause a breakdown in the collagen and elastin, thereby making one side weaker.  If you are a person that loves to tweeze, you likely are pulling and tugging on your brows a lot, which also can cause laxity of the skin over time.

For those of you that love your magnifying mirrors, stand back!! If you go to town on your brows trying to make them ‘even’, you may be causing more detriment. Brow hairs are the slowest growing hairs on the body, so trying to grow out those full brows can take even longer if you continue removing hairs that are their to create a fuller brow. Now having all these facts at hand, let’s accept our bodies uniqueness, the fact that they are not identical twins, and be kind to our faces. They are the frame to your face, so keep them happy and maintained.

An esthetician or cosmetologist that is licensed to remove hairs will be your best bet to get your brow game on point, and to help you maintain your shape, and achieve your best brows. More specifically, one who has been trained in the art of servicing eyebrows.  You must also be open to change. If you are used to wearing them to look overdrawn, shaved off and drawn in a shape, or those that look like they are painted on, you may be disappointed. You have to understand that a licensed professional is about giving you your best brows, without causing damage to your hair and skin while also giving you a look that will give you stares for a good reason.

At Carolina Eye Candy in Charleston, Summerville and Columbia, it is our goal to help you achieve your best brows. We invite you to schedule some time to get your brows serviced, and be open to change. Good changes. A full service brow shaping is recommended, and to maintain the shape, depending on the growth of your brow hairs, is recommended every two to four weeks. Keep your brows “on fleek” with some help, and don’t fret about your brows differences. Embrace them, and we will enhance your brows.

Beauty & Blessings,

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Licensed Esthetician. Master Lash Artist. Minister of Beauty. Go-to Authority on Eyelash Enhancements and Education in South Carolina. To book a VIP service visit www.CarolinaEyeCandy.com