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Having a radiant and healthy skin is definitely a big yes in 2020. And taking care of your skin is one investment we all know, will never go out of style.

The beauty industry is aware that consumers nowadays are very interested in the kind of products that they are putting on their skin, and they are taking notes. Consumers are educating themselves and are now more careful in choosing products that work best for their skin type. 

That is why more brands are introducing and innovating new products that will entice both existing and new consumers. 

We can all agree that hydration and daily sunscreen application are key to maintaining healthy skin, but what are the new ways we can do to achieve that radiant skin we all wanted while reducing our carbon footprint at the same time? 

Clean beauty and green products. Be a smart consumer and do your research before buying skincare products. Choose products with natural ingredients. CBD oil and bakuchiol are becoming more popular nowadays.

Likewise, choose products free of parabens, phthalates, drying alcohols, fragrances, and dyes, as well as products that are certified cruelty-free.

Non-chemical sunscreens. Now is the time to change your thick and unpleasant sunscreen and shift to new mineral options that are widely available today. Also, make sure that it contains antioxidants that will protect you from elements that can harm your skin like pollution and infrared radiation.

Toners. This is not entirely new, but most of us skip this process during our skincare routine. Using toners helps balance pH levels while removing dead skin cells. 

Sustainability. Cut down on waste by buying zero-waste, minimal packaging beauty products. There are many products available with thoughtful packaging, less plastic, and fewer components. It will save you some space and it helps the environment.  

Fewer but better products. Tidy up your skincare kit and buy only products that work best for your skin type. Choose your favorite and stick to it. Do not expose your skin to too many products from different skincare brands.

Facial massage. While going to your favorite salon for your regular facial massage is not advisable at the moment, why not try to do it by yourself. You can lift and sculpt your face by just using your hands and your trusted facial products.

Face scrubs. Doing face scrubs three times a week or as often as your skin can handle, helps take away dead skin cells and leaves your skin bright and radiant. Simply massage your face with the face scrub of your choice, then rinse thoroughly with warm water. Your skin will look smooth and glowing with continuous use.

Double-cleansing. This method is perfect for all skin types. It gives the skin a clean and relaxed look, especially at nighttime. It will also make you feel refreshed after being exposed to dirt, oil, and other pollutants all day long.

Lip care and treatment. Yes, lips are skin too. The skin on the lips does not contain as many oil glands as the other parts of your face, so this area needs extra nourishment. So, do not forget to put on some organic lip gloss or lip balm as often as you can.

Preventive treatments. If you have the time and the capacity to go through outpatient skin treatments, then you should. If you can treat wrinkles early, you can completely eliminate and prevent them from developing altogether.