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Are you ready for what this spring brings for you? To let you match its golden colours and grandeur, we’ll be laying out the top skin care trends you want to watch out for this spring 2018.

Beneath the surface

This goes without saying, when we talk about beauty and skin care, it should all start from within. Carefully watch your diet, the amount of fruits and vegetables you are eating, your water intake, exercise routines. All of this is the perfect start for a naturally beautiful looking skin. Heck, you won’t even need any other skin care trends if you do this right.

Minimalism is key

There are a ton of beauty and skin care products out in the market, and sometimes you find yourself using almost all of them. But the key to natural beauty and glowing skin is simplicity. Instead of buying all those products that promise soft and smooth skin, focus on what you need necessarily. You might just need antibacterial cleansing products instead of emulsions and moisturizers.

The mask to show your face

Upon the start of this year, more and more become patrons of facial masks. It’s a great way as facial treatment, and it’s a great way to feel pampered at home. There are a lot of different facial masks to choose from, depending on the different needs of your skin. However, try the “multi masking;” it’s a method of applying multiple masks at once to target the various needs of your face. They add an extra boost to your skin care routine and provide the nourishment and treatment that it needs.


Beauty and skin care supplements have proven themselves to be really useful, and this 2018, they are still getting better and better. Try adding a few of your most trusted beauty and heath supplements to your skin care routine.

We are all the same skin

This 2018, brands have drifted away from making gender- and ethnicity-specific brands and adapted to creating products suited for every skin.  Because at the end of the day, however gender and ethnicity may vary, every skin needs the same love.