Skincare is extremely important. Skin is the largest organ, but often gets the least attention. And it is also one body part that can be very unforgiving if not cared for. I am amazed at the number of people that have never had a professional skincare treatment. Often people feel that it is expensive, or just do it as a treat or a special occasion. But there are also some mistakes people make when it comes to regular skincare, so here are some you may be doing.


You may see commercials, or even some Pinterest items that give you home remedies for detoxing your skin or drawing out impurities. But these can cause detriment to your skin! Scrubs are a no-no. Exfoliation is not the same as a “scrub”. Some may have used St. Ives Apricot Scrub over the years, which has particles of apricot shells in this thick cream that you use to scrub your skin with. But what you could be doing is breaking your skin and causing tiny tears which will bruise your skin. Also applying products to your skin that claim to pull out impurities, while in turn causing your skin to feel a burning sensation or inflamed could in turn be damaging to your skin as well.


While it is true that drinking sufficient water daily is important, moisturizing your skin from the outside is essential. Dry skin is best created at the surface, and even if you have oily skin, you must use a moisturizer.


Look, no matter if the sun is out or it is a cloudy day, whenever it is day time, the sun is out and your skin can be affected. UV rays cause your skin to age, and clouds only block about 20 percent of UV rays. Sunscreen is essential year round, everyday. Even if you are working indoors, you have windows, and the UV rays come through the windows.


I understand marketing, and in order for companies to sell their products, they have to use beautiful faces with not much damage to show great results that were achieved by “their products”. But let’s be honest, most of those commercials employ models that have beautiful skin, and celebrities that are endorsing their products who are getting professional treatments with top notch doctors and plastic surgeons. Over the counter creams will not give you the same effect as a needle. There are some professional skincare products that do work wonders, but these take time, and requires you take care of your skin continually and not expecting over night results.

At Carolina Eye Candy, we recommend getting professional skincare services done at least once a month. We offer Dermaplaning, which is a great for superficial exfoliation and removing the peach fuzz from the skin which tends to block skincare products and causes buildup when applying makeup. Microdermabrasion is allows great for exfoliation and removing the buildup of dead skin cells. To check out our services, and schedule a consultation or appointment, check out the link here.

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