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The age of basic “apply and wash-off” version of face masks are long gone. To achieve the perfect glow that people always wanted, they need to invest in the newest kind of facial mask which is a magnetic mask. This mask was introduced by Dr. Brandt, an American skin care brand created by the late Dr. Fredric Brandt. This newest mask was called “Magnetight Age-Defier’ mask. The product has revolutionized the other face masks that are already out in the market.
The product is composed of magnetic iron particles. These particles help revitalize and rejuvenate the skin. It cost $110 in the market and can only be taken off using a magnet to draw out the impurities.
The application is much like a regular face mask with the exemption of not using water in washing off any residue. The magnet’s pulling power helps remove the whole product off the face leaving it with a really soft complexion.
Even pop superstar Madonna introduced her very own magnetic mask through her skincare range MDNA. However, the product was currently available only in Japan. The mask called ‘Chrome Clay Mask’ is composed of magnetized volcanic clay that came from Italy. The said clay supposedly boosts the circulation as well as the collagen production.
Dr. Harold Lancer, the person behind the complexions of Beyonce, Kim Kardashion and Victoria Beckham, even followed suit and created his own product for the face that vows to bring a glowing and younger-looking skin with the use of magnets.
The internet has lost their entire mind over this latest skincare trend and is now scouring the market for a good pack of the magnetized clay. Many users and bloggers gave positive reviews of the face mask further encouraging the public to purchase.
Face masks have made its return in the beauty industry since the past couple of years. Even celebrities have sworn on the good effects of several types of face masks. However, consumers should know how to find the right product for their skin type to help remove excess oils, hydrate and improve the pores’ appearance.