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There’s more to avocado than guacamole. It’s more than just the main ingredient for that famous dip. Aside from that it can be eaten as it is, as a salad, or even as an accompaniment to your sandwich. It can be used as an oil substitute in baking. It can be sliced, diced and even pureed.  It’s a very healthy fruit that has twice the potassium of banana. It’s also rich in vitamins (C, K, B5 and B6), folate and fiber.

It can lower risks for heart diseases and maintain your cholesterol at healthy levels. It’s one of the few food that can provide you with honest to goodness monounsaturated fats. It’s a great absorbent for fat soluble nutrients like alpha and beta carotene. It is very low on fructose so eating it in large quantity won’t cause you any problem. In fact in one of the researches done, avocado can fight cancer stem cells. Researchers are developing an anti-leukemia drug with avocatin B as one of its primary ingredients.

But do you know that far from satisfying your gastronomic hunger, avocados have a lot of uses.

Its many uses include:

  1. As moisturizer to your skin.
  2. As a facial scrub or mask. It exfoliates your skin and rids you of dead cells.
  3. Helps you get rid on unattractive eye bags.
  4. As a natural sunscreen protection.
  5. As deep conditioning hair mask and shampoo. Just mix avocado and olive oil and use it on your hair.
  6. As a body mask. Just add honey and lather it to your body for that extra moisturizing feel even after rinsing.
  7. It can relieve you from dry, itchy skin.
  8. Avocado pits can be used during massage. They can relieve your feet from stress and tension. You can even heat those pits and use them in lieu of hot stones.
  9. When mixed with fish oil, it helps in getting rid of eczema and psoriasis.
  10. By drying the pit for a couple of days, mash it and add a dash of cornmeal will help you get rid of calluses in your feet.

There’s more uses to avocado than what’s listed above. The next time you go to the grocery, don’t forget to buy a couple of pounds of avocados.