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Efficient Waxing Services

Dare to Bare Your Smooth Skin

Tired of unwanted hair playing spoilsport when you’re in the mood to show some skin? At Carolina Eye Candy Beauty & Relaxation Lounge, we offer a vast portfolio of waxing services for the face and the whole body. We use a combination of tested techniques and quality products to give you instantly smooth skin.

Waxing is a good way of freeing your body of unwanted hair without the nicks associated with razors. Our team of expert estheticians will go to great lengths to make you comfortable and provide a satisfactory experience. They will take special care when working on delicate areas such as your brows, upper lip, and the intimate areas.

We try to make the experience as pain-free as possible while not leaving behind any stubble. The hair that grows back after waxing tends to be thin and sparse. We recommend regular waxing sessions to help diminish the regrowth of the body and facial hair. 

Come, fall in love with the smooth feel of your skin with our professional services in waxing in Summerville, SC! Talk to our skilled waxing professionals to find out how we can be of help.

Why Choose Our Waxing Services?

When done by qualified estheticians, waxing is a safe way of removing unwanted body and facial hair. The waxing professionals at Carolina Eye Candy are trained in the different techniques of the process including Brazilian. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can help you make the best choices – from full body wax to targeted areas such as the face. 

The wax we use is made with fine ingredients to ensure your safety and to provide you with long-lasting results. We offer you a tranquil, clean, and private environment to help maintain healthy and beautiful skin. With multiple locations, we make it easy for you to enjoy waxing in Summerville, SC, Charleston, SC, and neighboring areas.

Facial Waxing to the Rescue

Facial hair denting your self-confidence? Get rid of the finest of hairs on your chin, upper lip, and ears for a smooth visage. When done the right way by professionals such as those at Carolina Eye Candy, facial waxing results can last for weeks. 

This is because waxing pulls out the hairs from the roots and weakens them to slow down regrowth. With repeated waxing, many people tend to go hair-free for longer periods. Ask us about the different waxes we offer to suit individual skin types. 

Do let us know if you have overly sensitive skin or any allergies. Our waxing experts will suggest appropriate solutions to address your facial hair worries. We also offer eyebrow waxing in Summerville, SC, and our other locations to help you get the shapely brows you’ve always wanted. 

Talk to our waxing specialists about the shape that works best for your face and personal style. They can also offer aftercare tips to help reduce any redness or irritation that you may experience immediately after the session.

Intimate Waxing Solutions For You

Professional waxing of the bikini region can give you long-lasting and satisfactory results than other methods of hair removal such as epilation or shaving. Waxing the intimate areas helps remove dead cells, promotes better hygiene, and enhances skin health in the sensitive region. 

If it’s your first time trying one of our intimate waxing services, rest assured you have nothing to worry. Our experienced waxing specialists will make you feel comfortable during the entire process and sessions do not last more than 30 minutes. Just lie back and relax as our trained experts work on giving you smooth skin.

You can choose from bikini, Brazilian, and buttocks waxing based on your comfort level at our medical spa in Summerville, SC, as well as our other locations. It is natural to have concerns and questions about the process. 

Our practitioners will explain the differences between each of the services to help you make the right choice. Results of intimate waxing sessions can last between four to six weeks

Body Waxing You’ll Love

A full body wax can give you smooth skin that you’ll love to touch over and over again! With our efficient body waxing techniques at your disposal, forget about all those hard-to-reach spots you’ve encountered when using razors, epilators, and hair-removing creams. We think of waxing as skincare and not just a means of hair removal. 

This is why we only use waxes with quality ingredients that are safe on your skin. Professional waxing can help prevent ingrown hairs and irritation common to other methods of hair removal. Our gentle yet effective techniques can be used to eliminate hair in targeted areas from the forehead to the tip of your toes and everywhere in between! 

We can wax the chest area, stomach back, legs, arms, underarms, feet, and toes to give you the sleek look. Choose to top off your body waxing session with add-on facial waxing options such as nostrils waxing and chin waxing. 

You could also bundle your body waxing with rejuvenating facials or lash extensions for a transformative experience. Call us at 1-800-822-9910 to know more about our services including waxing in Charleston, SC, and other locations such as Summerville. 

Check out this detailed menu of our services with pricing to make the most out of your waxing appointment at Carolina Eye Candy. Talk to our waxing experts to know more and ask about combining two or more of these services.


Eyebrow Cleanup – $20
Lip or Nostrils – $10
Chin – $10


Bikini Line – $35
Bikini Full – $45
Brazilian – $50