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Today is International Women’s Day and I would like to salute all the women out there! Much has been said about us, the so called fairer sex but what does it really mean to be a woman? How do you measure if you live up to the expectations of how  a woman should be.

You’re not just a mother, a sister, a wife, a daughter, a friend or a girlfriend. You’re your Significant Other’s best cheerleader and your child’s greatest champion. You’re a superwoman hiding behind your housewife or executive persona. You can cook, do the laundry, tutor your kids and talk on the phone- at the same time! You have mastered the art of multi-tasking, with your eyes closed and your mind running ideas on next week’s menu.

It’s never easy donning your killer heels and beating the morning rush just to go to work. Or trying to get things done on your never ending home chores when your pms-ing or your hormones are on overdrive. Most of us, we just take a deep breath, shed a tear or two and get on with with our lives because we know that we cannot afford to just do nothing. So many people and so many things depend on us.

But a woman is much more than that. A woman is a myriad of emotions. She is strength and steel. She is both fire and ice. She is strong even when she is feeling weak. She is her own harshest critic and personal tormentor. She will fight with all her heart for the people she loves. She will never give up. She will never just stand still and watch the world pass her by. She will accomplish things she never thought were possible.

If you happen to know a woman like that, adore her. Give her the validation that she needs.