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There’s a not-so-new trend in anti-aging skincare that you might be interested to add to your daily routine. Jade rollers are becoming more popular nowadays, that even some renowned celebrities are sharing their experiences after using the product. The tool itself looks like a tiny rolling pin or paint roller with the jade stone acting as the “rolling pin.”

A jade roller is used across the face in a sweeping motion imitating the effects of a lymphatic massage. Lymphatic massage is a technique used to encourage lymph flow in the body. A healthy flow of lymph supports the body’s immune system in fighting off toxins.

Some people claim, although not official, that the jade rolling technique dates back to the 7th century as an ancient beauty ritual. It is said to be used by Chinese royalty to retain good spirits, as jade is also said to represent healing and protection.

Jade rollers range from $7 in Amazon to $65 in Nordstrom. Whatever you choose to buy, review the product carefully before purchasing to avoid being disappointed in the end.

Benefits of Jade Rolling

No doubt that jade rolling does feel good on the face. It produces a cooling sensation, it has anti-inflammatory properties and a lymph-draining effect. All of which can do wonders on the skin. Here are more benefits of jade rolling that many people believe they experienced after adding it to their skincare routine.

Reduce dark circles and under-eye bags. Do you suffer from tired and puffy eyes? The jade’s cooling effect on the skin helps make the underlying blood vessels smaller, therefore decreases the noticeable eye-bags.

Minimizes puffiness. Lack of sleep, eating food with too much salt, and hormonal changes, among others, can cause puffy skin. Jade rollers can help drain lymphatic fluids and return it back to the cardiovascular system. Massaging it around the eyes can help prevent and fight sinus infections and immune issues. With regular use, others claim that it can also act as a natural contouring device.

Increases circulation. Better circulation leads to healthy skin. Jade rolling helps clear up acne, reduces signs of aging, and will give your skin that desired glow.

Easy absorption. Jade rolling also helps the skin to absorb your favorite beauty products better, like moisturizers, serums, and oils. It is also cost-effective because you get to use fewer products with more effects.

Reduce stress and relaxes facial muscles. Jade rollers are often used as a face massage. The cool sensation of the jade and the pressure applied while rolling it across the face will help loosen all that tension which may lead to cramps, soreness, and wrinkles.

How to Use a Jade Roller

Jade rollers are really simple to use. Like what you do with a spoon before putting it on your eyes, place the jade roller in the refrigerator for a few hours before using it. Apply your favorite beauty product to the roller, then get rolling! For starters, do it in an up and down or back and forth motion. It should feel nice and relaxing, and you should enjoy it. 

There is no limit in using the jade roller as long as you’re doing the process properly. Read the instructions carefully, which should come with your purchase.

When to Avoid Jade Rolling?

If your skin is prone to inflammation or you have skin conditions, you probably should avoid using any facial rolling. The increased circulation could make the problem worse. Consult your dermatologist to make sure what is safe to use on your skin.

Do not use the roller when dry. Don’t forget to put on moisturizer, serum, or oil when you use it. Wash the jade roller after every use. Washing it with unscented soap and water should be enough.