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Bold brows are all the rage right now – but not everyone is gifted with it. There are natural ways to grow thicker eyebrows, but the process takes time and the results vary. There is another method – assisted by science, skill and the latest tools and gives you instantaneous result. This method is called microblading. Women of all ages have been flocking to clinics and salons that offer this service. But what exactly is microblading? Here we compiled all the information you need before you decide whether microblading is for you.

  • It’s a semi-permanent tattoo. Microblading is a technique where a semi-permanent pigment is tattooed in tiny hair-like strokes using fine needles or microblade. This is usually done on the eyebrow area to enhance the shape and appearance of your brows.
  • It lasts anywhere between 1 to 3 years. It’s semi permanent and eventually fades. In order to maintain those perfect brows, you need to do a touch-up when you notice that the pigments are starting to fade, usually within a year after having the procedure done.
  • It can be expensive. The cost ranges from around $350 dollars to as high as $1500 dollars. It is a major investment. It’s more expensive than your regular makeup, but you save time and money since you no longer have to fill in your brows after microblading.
  • It is not painful. This is coming from the women interviewed after a microblading session. Before every procedure, a cream is applied on the skin to numb it. Most of those interviewed said they felt a little discomfort during the procedure, but it was not painful. Of course, it also depends on your pain threshold.
  • It does not cause hair loss. It is expected that people are concerned whether the procedure affects the hair growth. Good news for those considering microblading. According to the Hair Transplant Institute Miami, microblading does not cause hair loss in the brow area.
  • Microblading doesn’t need a recovery period. Your eyebrow area will feel a little tender, and the eyebrows look darker for about a week after a microblading session, but that’s it. You can go back to doing your regular activities right after a microblading session.
  • It’s relatively safe. Just like getting a regular tattoo, there are risks involved especially if the equipment used is not clean. This is why it’s important that you make background checks and engage the service of a licensed and trained professional. Avoid shady discount shops.