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They say you can tell a lot about a person just by the way he looks. A lot of our personalities and preferences are revealed by how we dress, style our hair, and even the way we stand. But did you know that your personality is also reflected in your eyebrows? Take a good look at your eyebrows on the mirror and see if your personality matches the ones on the list below.

  • Natural Straight Brows – Natural, straight eyebrows follow the natural shape of the brows with minimal plucking/waxing. If you have these brows you are simple and low maintenance. You’re also straightforward and honest, someone that your friends and family could count on for sound advice when needed.
  • Straight Slanted Brows – The straight slanted brows slant upward and give a tough not-to-be-messed with vibe. If you have straight slanted brows you are a go-getter. You know what you want and you know how to get it. You do not like frivolous people and are easily bored with them. You keep your circle small and choose your friends carefully.
  • Thick Brows – Thick brows have very minimal to no maintenance. If you have thick brows, you are not fussy and do not put too much importance in physical appearance. You are unpretentious and down to earth. You take delight in simple things and you are not bothered by other people’s opinions of you. For you, happiness is a choice – and you choose to be happy.
  • Arched Brows – Arched brows are attention-grabbing, like the person who has it. If you have high arched brows, you most likely thrive on attention. You do not shy away from crowds and you are the life of the party. You were born to perform – whether it’s acting, singing, or dancing. People are drawn to your charismatic charm, and wherever you are, you can expect a gaggle of admirers to follow.
  • Unibrow – Unibrows, like thick brows, are grown in and have minimal to zero maintenance. If you have a unibrow, you are not concerned with appearances and do not particularly care about the current fashion trends. Instead, you embrace your individuality. You’re a little bit of a rebel and do not easily conform to rules. You are fun and full of ideas – mostly unconventional. You like to take the road less traveled. You surround yourself with friends who are able to see past physical appearances and value you for what you are.