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If you want to wake up with nice and long lashes or are tired of applying for eyelash extensions when you do your make-up, then getting eyelash extensions would be your best option. But before you go to the nearest salon, here are some of the pros and cons of getting eyelash extensions.


  • You save time in applying your make-up.

By getting an eyelash extension, you save 10-30 minutes of your make-up time. Since you no longer need to curl your lashes, apply mascara or wear make-up altogether.

  • No mascara mishaps.

No more mascara clumps, flakes, and worst – smudges! Yikes! I would always get mascara smudges before, and it is frustrating when you are almost had your make-up done, and poof! SMUDGES!!!

  • Looks more natural than false eyelashes.

Unlike false eyelashes that are attached to a strip, eyelash extensions are individual lashes. They are glued directly to each of your natural lashes that give it a natural-looking finish.

Just like any other service, if there are pros, then there are also cons. Here are the cons that you should consider


  • Cost.

As with many other beauty treatments, whether it is a pedicure or manicure, hair treatment, and others, there is a cost to getting eyelash extensions. At Carolina Eye Candy, our services start from $105 and up for full lash extensions.

  • Maintenance.

Again, just like other beauty treatments, getting an eyelash extension requires maintenance. You have to go back to your aesthetician every two or three weeks. Your aesthetician or cosmetologist will also give you instructions on how to care for your lashes to keep them long-lasting.

Have a professional, certified cosmetologist or aesthetician attach your eyelash extensions in a clean environment. Eyelash extensions should only be applied by a certified lash technician who has undergone training specifically for this procedure. Your lash technician can also recommend you the best type of eyelash extension. 

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