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When it comes to skin care, facial cleansers, scrubs, serums, and moisturizers are the go-to products of most people. Consumers nowadays realize that facial oils do not mean making their face an alternative for a frying pan. They now see how it is a key to healthy skin, as proven by its skin condition improvement for centuries. Facial oils are appealing to those into holistic wellness and nutrition.

Yes to Facial Oils

Hydrating Creams may give your wrinkles a temporary fix, but may stop oils from providing nutrients to the skin. Facial oils are absorbed faster than you can say moisturizing. Their molecules are tiny enough to penetrate the skin and reach the bloodstream and lymphatic system. This thus helps create a barrier beneficial during winter time, help rid of skin problems, and reduce stretch marks and scars.

Getting to Know Oils


Before you just slap on whatever on your face, make sure you slap on the right product with just the right amount. Facial serums revive and plump the skin, while facial oils nourish, moisturize, and protect the skin. The former has more chemicals while the latter is mostly plant-based. The former needs moisturizer after, while the latter can do both. Despite the differences, these are recommended to be used hand in hand for the best results.

Facial oils should be applied pre- and post-facial treatments. These should be applied after cleansing and toning the face. You only need mostly a couple of pumps, and apply it from the bottom of your face moving upwards.

Spas offer samples to their clients to help in making sales. To experience is to believe for potential customers, as they try on a wide array of oils to know which is the most effective for them. Even the aroma of the oils help customers pick out The One. It transforms their wellbeing and mood, triggering emotions, instincts, and memories.

Busting the Oily Myths

Facial oils don’t make the skin greasy and clog pores because its molecules are quite the same to our own molecules. The body welcomes facial oils with open arms. Those with oily skin should even use facial oils with the right formulation to address their skin concern. The skin also produces natural oils and the use of alcohol-based products actually cause an imbalance and makes the skin produce even more oil than before.