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GM Diet or General Motors Diet is one of the more popular diet plans/fads today. As the name goes, General Motors proposed this 7 day meal plan to ensure that their employees lose excess weight and stay healthy.

So what is a GM Diet?

The GM Diet started sometime in 1985 when General Motors together with USDA and FDA came up with an elaborate meal plan to help employees lose weight through dieting. General Motors believed that with proper diet, employees would be more productive when it comes to work. The GM Diet, once followed, allow a person to lose between 10-17 lbs in a week! And that’s without going through the notions of exercise. Specific food is to be eaten in each particular day. It’s also very easy to follow and doesn’t need expensive yet hard to find produce.

Another important thing about this diet is the need to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water each day to remain hydrated.

The 7-Day GM Diet Meal Plan

Day 1- All fruits except Banana

Day 1 GM Diet

The first 3 days of the GM Diet will be low on calorie. On day 1, you can eat as many varieties of fruits as you can except banana. It is ideal to stock up on melons for day1. Other ideal fruits include apples, cantaloupe, and guava.

Day2- All vegetables

Day 2 vegetables

You can eat as many (cooked or raw) vegetables as you can though it is advisable to have potatoes for breakfast to give you energy all throughout the day.

Day 3- Fruits and Veggies

day 3 fruits and veggies

On the third day, you can combine or alternate eating fruits and veggies though you still need to steer clear from bananas. Also, potatoes are not allowed on Day3.

Day 4- Bananas and Milk

banana and milk

You can eat up to 6 large bananas and 3 glasses of skim milk preferably. Milk provides you with calcium while bananas have sodium and potassium.

Day 5- Fish/Beef/Chicken and Tomatoes


You need to eat 6 whole tomatoes and 2 10-lb portions of either fish, beef or chicken. Not a fan of raw tomatoes? You can use the 6 whole tomatoes to make soup. You can also substitute brown rice or cottage cheese for meat.

It is advisable to add 2 more glasses of water to your diet to get rid of uric acid.

Day 6- Vegetables and Beef

day 6 GM Diet

Limit your beef intake to 2- 10 oz slices of beef. You can eat as many vegetables as you can except for potatoes. You can also skip on the tomatoes.

You will feel a remarkable difference in your weight and appearance on day 6.

Day 7- Brown Rice, Fruit Juice, and Veggies

Day 7 GM Diet

You can eat as many veggies as you want on the last day of the GM Diet. Freshly squeezed fruit juices are also allowed.

Important Things to Consider:

  1. You cannot eat or drink any other food like junkfood, pasta, sugar, carbonated drinks, etc… You may drink black coffee or black tea without sugar, milk or honey each day.
  2.  You can substitute regular milk for soy milk or meat for cottage cheese.
  3.  To avoid gaining back the weight you have lost this week, stick to a low carb, high protein diet in the next coming weeks. You will also lose weight this way but not as much as when doing the GM Diet.